I have bilirubin level of 3.4, creatinine of. 28, BUN/Creatinine of 43, and protein of 5.8. Everything I read suggests severe liver disfunction, ????

Kidney function. The results you listed are more related to renal function. Make sure you are drinking enough water and that you f/u with your doctor. This can happen when you are dehydrated, have an infection (viral or bacterial) with certain medications. Find out what the cause of the dysfunction is so that you can properly address and treat it. Good luck, hope you feel better soon.
Liver. the elevated Billi is concerning and needs to be checked. Your BUN is 10 if your retio is 43 with a creat of .23. A BUN of 10 is normal range.
Here are some ... Are you very thin and lean, i.e., little muscle? But your ability to surf online indicates most likely you're still young but thin as deduced from your very low serum creatinine at 0.28 mg/dl. If I inferred correctly, you should take on a great mental & physical makeover & overhaul by practicing healthy lifestyle without overindulgence & obsession so to strengthen your energy & ability to live on.