Symptoms: bloating, gas, chest discomfort, headaches, rare white stool. GB ejection 12%. Little rt side pain. Dr recommends gallbladder removal. Should I?

GB surgery. Your GB isn't working properly and you are symptomatic. I agree that you should remove the GB to not only improve/ resolve your symptoms but to prevent it from becoming an emergency procedure from a ruptured GB. If it's not functioning due to inflammation or gallstones you are at higher risk or a rupture. Have you had a GB u/s? This would help determine the urgency of surgery. Good luck.
Your decision. All these symptoms you have may not be related to GB except abdominal symptoms. If have frequent right side abdominal pains , possible it could be due to diseased GB , first try non operative medical treatment , if it fails only , then under go this relatively simple , and low risk procedure . Surgery usually not done with out stones .Speak to your doctor.