What is the treatment for ear tubes?

Usually none. For most patients who have had tubes placed, no treatment is necessary unless there is an ear infection and/or drainage. The ENT doctor can tell you what to expect, based on whether the tubes are to be temporary or permanent.
Interesting question. The ear drum in a child grows from the center outward, like an umbrella getting wider. Ear tubes are placed off center, to avoid the delicate ear bones. They drift outward toward the wall of the canal and are usually shed automatically anywhere from 6m to 2 yrs after insertion. In the odd case where they remain long after the need is gone they can be removed. If they drain meds may be needed. Ask doc.

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How long should ear tubes stay in before needing removed? My daughter has had them from 9 mos to now, age 4 yrs and they haven't fallen out.

Common to shead. Tubes often fall out after 6+ months but may stay functional & in place much longer. I see little reason to get them out unless there problems. I don't like them swimming in the lakes or ponds with tubes but home pools are generally ok. Some ent's would pull them now if you are concerned. You may want to wait until spring to bypass another respiratory season.
Three years. As an ent, I typically removed tubes in children under age 5 if they have been in place for 36 months or more. In my practice we see kids with tubes every six months. At the thirty month mark, if the tubes are still in I talk to mom and dad about removing the tubes in the office versus going to the operating room if the tubes remain in the ear drum at the 36 month mark.

I signed my or permit for ear tubes weds. My surgery is next thursday. Roomie (she wrks in or I'm going to) looked at nxt weeks sched I wasn't on it yet?

Many hospitals do. Not actually put together the surgery schedule until a day before, due to last minute cancellations and additions. Call your doctor's office to confirm the date of your surgery. The exact time to report may not be known until the evening before.
Confidential info. Be cautious with your information. Your friend is trying to help you, but operating rooms are highly confidential and much effort goes in to protecting patient privacy. Okay to call your surgeon for reassurance about your or time.

What to expect getting ear tubes?

?? for kids?? Ear tubes generally refers to insertion of plastic ventilation tubes into the ears if infants have chronic infections. The kids are placed under general anesthesia, the canal cleaned with antiseptic material & a thin knife used to open a hole in the ear drum. Debris is sucked out of the middle ear & the tube inserted & antibiotic drops applied. The kid is awakened & sent home to outpatient followup.

I have ear tubes. Is it safe to use a Neti pot?

Yes. Hi. I'm Dr. Ivy Fisher, pedi MD with health tap. It is ok to use a Neti pot with S/P BMT ear tubes. If swimming, consider ear plugs to avoid water in the ears.

How do doctors remove ear tubes? Is it a surgical procedure?

Ear tubes. Ear tubes are quite often expelled spontaneously after the problem is solved ie if placed for increased pressure or persistent pus in the muddle ear, they are expelled when the problem is cleared and stays cleared ie pressure is relieved or pus is all discharged. Sometimes the tubes are removed if they are causing trouble or are not needed any more. This is done by the ENT surgeon.
Anesthesia/yes. Tubes are generally left alone and self jettison after 6m to 2yr. If there is a reason to remove them, the kid must be perfectly still (anesthesia) and the tube is removed under direct observation by the ENT using various instruments.

My son had ear tubes put in 4 days ago and now his ear drums are bright red. Should I be worried?

Normal. Some inflammation of eardrums after mt placement is normal. Most ENT doctors prescribe ear drops after surgery which should be sufficient to prevent infection. Call your doctor if still concerned.

Child has ear tubes and still had 4-5 infections in same ear since January what are some other options?

Tubes. Make sure the tubes are well placed and open to drain. They should work. Replacement is an option or a preventative dose of an antibiotic. All the best.
Ear infections. Going on antibiotic prophylaxis for the winter taking 1 dose per day would be an option. How old is your son, is he always sick with any other infections? May be you can ask his pediatrician to do some workup to check his immune system but he is under 5 years of age & attends day care that alone is a high risk & a reasonable explanation of his recurrent ear infections. Good luck.