How to improve bad breath? Diet high in dairy milk products but balance with water. Floss nightly never mouthwash. Listerine dries throat out badly.

Halitosis. Bad breath can have many different causes, including acid reflux, cavities, gum disease, sinus issues, and your diet. Once the cause is determined, you can address the issue(s). Everything else just masks the symptoms. Seek the help of a local dentist and gastroenetologist.
See your dentist. Just trying to use mouth washes and breath mints may temporarily help, but i would see your dentist to get a definitive way of helping you. You may require additional dental cleanings or need to be educated in proper hygiene.
See your dentist. In the majority of cases, the cause of bad breath, or halitosis, is the product of bacteria in the mouth. The proper diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment. See your dentist for Halimeter test, diagnosis and bad breath treatment that depends on its cause. Good luck.