My daughter has bronchitis and is on albuterol and pulmocort. At her follow up she was not as congested but now her chest hurts, do we go back to Dr.?

CAll Dr. At the least call the Dr. and give an update on her condition. It never hurts to see the Dr. since she is not improving, and may be developing an infectious cause for her symptoms, and or need some further treatment. etc.
Yes. New onset of chest pain I believe warrants a followup visit. It is not terribly unusual with an asthma episode to have chest pain. But we should check it out. Continue her nebs for tonight if her breathing is comfortable and she is not grunting or having retractions in the chest, then see your doc in the morning. You are doing all the right things! Hope she's better soon!
If Bronchitis gets. worse with more productive cough with colored phlegm, it could be due to a bacterial infection and not a viral. Thus antibiotics usually will alleviate the condition. Call your Dr right away if she hasn't improved.(Hopefully her Dr would waive the co-pay....Kidding!) God bless you!