I picked dry skin around my earpiercing (had for15yrs), now it's red, swollen, hot, itchy&draining. Salt water sol helps with draining but neosp doesnt?

Am concerned about. possible infection. Recommend medical eval at this point. Take care.
Ear piercing. It sounds like you were initially reacting to the metals in the pierced area causing chronic inflammation (nickel is especially problematic for many people). Now it sounds infected (probably staph or strep). Cease wearing any earrings. Put hot soaks on it for 20 minutes 3 times a days. You probably need a round of antibiotics.(Topicals by themselves are seldom helpful.) See a doc.
See doctor. may have been an allergic reaction but is now infected and needs to be evaluated by a doctor. You may need antibiotics. Try warm compresses till you are seen.
Allergy to neosporin. Allergy to neosporin and bacitracin are among the most common known.There is no good evidence of any benefit. The first thing to do is to stop neosporin. A visit to a dermatologist is in order. Meanwhile you can use OTC hydrocortisone cream. Your earrings can be easily checked for nickel sulfate.