What is the treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome?

Depends. Early on cubital tunnel syndrome can be treated with activity modifications (avoid excessive elbow flexion and external compression on the medial elbow). Nerve gliding exercises can help in some mild cases as can oral steroids. Ultimately, only surgery can decompress or take the pressure off the nerve.

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What are the treatment options for cubital tunnel syndrome with nerve damage?

Brace/surgery. Initial treatment options for cubital tunnel would be avoiding the positions that cause the pain/numbness and wearing an elbow splint that keeps your arm straight when you sleep at night. If this does not improve your symptoms within a month or if your symptoms worsen then a small surgical procedure can be done to free the ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow.
Surgery. Treatment options for cubital tunnel can include therapy and splint, however, if there is significant nerve symptoms and nerve studies document severely limited nerve function or ultrasound demonstrates significant swelling then surgery may be a better option. This can be performed endoscopically with a minimal incision and quick recovery, .

Please advise me what to do for cubital tunnel syndrome?

Depends... Cubital tunnel syndrome (ulnar nerve entrapment @ elbow) is the 2nd most common peripheral nerve comp. Of the upper extremity (carpal tunnel synd. Most common). U may try nsaids, sleeping in an elbow ext. Brace @ night (a bit cumbersome) and avoid bumping elbow, etc and time. If no improvement ulnar nerve release w/ or w/o transposition yields good results in> 90% of patients. Best of luck!