Yellow in iris of eye?

?iris color. Perhaps you are noticing various color differences on the iris surface. Some irides have multiple colors (hazel) and depending on the balance of colors, your eyes may appear yellow-brown or golden. I'm not sure you are asking about the color you have or that it has changed, in which you would need an eye exam to know exactly what you are referring to. .
Normal. Yellow or golden color of iris is normal and is due to the pigment lipochrome. Hazel color eyes can also have spots of yellow or golden color. See:
This is a situation. Where a picture is worth a thousand words. Either take a high res photo of what you see that concerns you and post it in a HeathTap prime consult with an ophthalmologist or better yet, especially if there is pain or blurred vision, see a doc in urgent care or the ER today. It's unusual to have clouding or blurring of the cornea in someone your age. An eye exam will sort this out easily. Good luck.