My heart rate is 113 and my sp O2 is 91 I'm 27 year old femal Is that normal?!!

Heart rate. Hi, the heart rate is slightly high which could be due to stress, Anemia, activity, etc the O2sat is slightly low but who checked this, was the pulse oximetry attached right, was your finger cold, r u wearing nail polish, a lot of moisturizing cream, what altitude r u living? Do you have Asthma?
"Normal" is relative. It's borderline. Where are you getting numbers? A snapshot ECG or hours of telemetry showing sustained tachycardia (>100 bpm)? Same w/ the pulse ox. Are you morbidly obese? Excess belly fat pushes against the diaphragm, squashing your lungs so that tidal volumes are small, may make heart work harder. Alternatively, have you possibly been exposed to carbon monoxide? Lots other possibilities to w/u.
No. Normal resting heart rate for a woman, age 26-35, is 60-85, depending upon level of fitness as well as other factors. People who exercise regularly tend to have lower resting heart rate. The O2 sat is lower than expected; O2 saturation in a normal adult who is not a smoker usually ranges 95-100%. That number is a little suspicious. I suggest rechecking both.
No. Your resting heart rate ought to be between 60-100 BPM depending on how fit you are. Your testing O2 sat ought to be in the high nineties (>95%) if u r a healthy young non smoker. .

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