Discharge was brown, then normal colored but sometimes blood streaks. Freq urination, had lower back pain yesterday. Virgin. What is this?

Possible UTI. or menstrual irregularity. Please consult a physician for formal urine analysis and culture as well as a pelvic examination.
Infection? This could be related to a vaginal infection even though you are a virgin. There are some infections that can develop in the area that are not sexually transmitted. My suggestion is to see your doctor for a formal exam and diagnosis in order to provide treatment as needed.

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I was 2 day's late for my AF now I'm having Brown and clear discharge with light bright red blood and cramping with lower back pain?

See a doctor. The above symptoms sound like a missed miscarriage and there may be retained products of conception. Go to your nearest ER or urgent care clinic for an examination, ultrasound scan and follow up management. Read more...

Sometimes when I urinate I see that there is pieces of what can be best described as tissue in the urine. It is either white or blood tinted. Sometimes there is also a few bubbles or clusters of small bubbles. I have lower back pain as well, which could b

Get urinalysis. It is very hard to say if your urine is abnormal just by its appearance. Debris and bubbles could be protein, mucus, blood in urine or an infection. It is best to get a urine dipstick test to check for any of the above. If you have a fever with your lower back pain or symptoms of difficulty or painful urination, you could have a bladder or kidney infection and should see a doctor. Read more...

What condition do my symptoms point to: lower back pain, burn when urinating (cloudy and rich yellow), vulvar discomfort and light yellow discharge?

Seek medical care. Could be a combination of things. The back pain and pain with urination suggest a urinary tract infection that may or may not have started to migrate to the kidneys. The discharge suggests either yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or sexually transmitted infection. All depends on the specifics of your personal medical history. See a primary care provider for evaluation. Read more...