What is the treatment for compression fracture?

Rest & analgesics. Vertebral fracture, often a compression fracture in osteoporotic skin, if not caused by trauma, is often very painful. If intractable not effectively treated with pain medication (analgesics), hospitalization may be required.
Depends. It depends on the type and location of the fracture and the age of the patient. Often times, wearing a brace and avoiding strenuous activities will allow a compression fracture to heal in younger patients. In the elderly, if these measures fail, a kyphoplasty may be an option.
Depends. Depends on how much loss of height, degree of angulation/deformity, how much bone is in spinal canal. Some can be treated w just pain meds or brace, other with kyphoplasty, some need surgery. Also some compression fractures need to be biopsied. Hope this helps!