I got extremely fatigued a high fever with confusion, dizziness, aches, bad chills, headache, now moved into coughing up green mucus, is this pnemonia?

Get checked. although these symptoms could be due to pneumonia, only a complete face to face history and exam will give you the diagnosis. Please see your doctor as soon as possible.
See your doctor. This may be a viral or a bacterial infection. WEith your symptoms of high fever and chillsassociated with confusion, would see your doctor immediately.
Severe infection. I agree that this is either severe bronchitis or bronchitis with pneumonia and in either case go directly to the ER or UC clinic. You will need a chest xray, blood tests and aggressive antibiotic therapy.
Chest Xray needed. Well, you certainly did catch something rather yucky it seems but to be able to make the diagnosis of pneumonia a chest film will be necessary. You could just have a very bad bronchitis without having a pneumonia. Make an appointment with your doctor because if it's not a pneumonia and you're feeling that ill..it could turn into one. Good luck.

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I have a bad cough and am nauseous and sometimes dizzy. Its hard to breathe. Coughing up green mucus. Chills. Could I have pneumonia?

Pna. Given this information, yes the most likely diagnosis is pneumonia, clinical exam and more details are needed to confirm. Read more...
Yes. Given the symptoms you describe you could have influenza or pneumonia. I recommend that you immediately get evaluated by your md or go to the nearest emergency room. Read more...
Cough. Yes you could but could also be a viral illness. Would stay hydrated and take tylenol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen for aches. If this is viral, it should be getting better in a 3-5 day period. If symptoms progress to include fever unresponsive to otc medications/ nausea-vomiting-diarrhea causing dehydration then you need to see a physician. Read more...