Left arm hurts like muscle ache. Air hungry. Worrying thoughts. Heart rate at 69 bmp laying down. Bp 99/67.

Vital signs look go. The viral signs look good but your anxiety seems increased. You need answer to this problem to help you cope. It does not sound like a heart attack and local tenderness may be muscle or tendon. Your physician will evaluate these symptoms.

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Had chest muscle pain. When the pain comes, heart rate rises n shortness of breath. Last for awhile. Now there is warm feeling in my left arm. Is it anxiey?

Chest pain. indicates a need for you to see your doc to rule out medical conditions. Yes, anxiety can cause such symptoms but first see doc then see a mental health professional to learn to manage stress. Peace and good health. Read more...

Sudden warm feeling in left arm now. Yesterday had muscle pain, chest after huge sneeze, n slightly fast heart rate (if it's related).No other symptoms.

Symptoms only that, may have many possible bases & are thus inadequate to arrive at reliable diagnosis. Given description, muscle pain mostly likely form sudden abnormally strong contraction producing some damage/pain. Faster heart rate common in response to pain, especially if also scared. All these are only clues, not any necessarily unusual or reliably predictive of any ongoing or necessarily serious body problem. Read more...