Can an electrophysiologist cure my benign PVC'S? I'm so worried about them. Doctor says to ignore them

Pvc ablation . If PVCs are really benign, usually you don't need any treatment. However if they lead to symptoms of palpitations which is bothersome for you, you may need ablation, best to ask your electrophysiologist.
Yes. It all depends on the frequency of your PVC (daily burden) and symptoms. Your electrophysiologist should be able to tell you where the PVCs are coming from based on the 12 lead ECG pattern. Success rates and possible complications vary based on location.
Ignore them. PVC's are generally a sign of a healthy heart which is responding in real time to neural and hormonal input. Curing them is not required. Sometimes meds can help to tone them down, but sometimes makes them worse. As long as they are not associated with intrinsic heart disease (as your doc has already told you) you should just ignore them - similar to a twitch in your eyelid or finger.