What is the treatment for Achilles tendon injury?

Depends... Complete tear: usually surgery, depending on activity and health of the patient. Partial tear: usually protected or non weightbearing for a period of about 6 weeks strained, no tear: rest, protected weightbearing in a boot or shoe with a raised heel. Many of these scenarios will benefit from physical therapy, at home or by a professional, at some point in the healing.
This can vary. This varies with the extent of the damage. The tendon does not heal quickly. Treatments can include everything from icing and anti inflammatories to immobilization to surgical repair. Have it evaluated by your foot/ankle specialist of choice. Dr l.

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What is the treatment for Achilles tendons injury?

Depends. It all depends on the extend of injury. Achilles tendinitis vs. Rupture have different courses of treatment. For tendinitis physical therapy, orthotics and shoe modification along with stretching can help. For rupture then surgical repair is needed.

What are signs of partial Achilles tendon injury?

Pain, swelling. To the achilles, maybe weakness in plantar flexing the foot.

What is the best way to fix an Achilles tendon injury?

Achilles injury. Depends on extent & duration of the injury. Best to consult your doctor for referral to orthopedic specialist.
Depends on injury. This depends on the type and severity of injury. Is it a strain, tear or rupture. Treatment could be rest, immobilization or surgery.
Rest. Ice, elevate, nsaids. See a dr. To make sure you do not have a tear.