What are the tests for gross motor delay?

For self or infant? A routine peds check up includes that assessment.
Screening tests for. Gross motor & other delays are on firstsigns. Org. Pediatric Physical Therapists use standardized tests to assess developmental level of skills, degree of functional impairment & quality of movement in infants & children with neurological abnormalities or risk factors for delays. The Peabody Motor Scales Test 2 is commonly used. The goal of treatment is to maximize functional abilities.

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What is the definition or description of: gross motor delay?

Lagging in skills. Gross motor delay involves lagging in skills like sitting, walking, and standing, things that use the core muscles.

What is the treatment for gross motor delay?

Several. Many different treatments for motor delay. Physical and occupational therapy are both commonly used. Talk with your pediatrician for advice as to what would be best for you.
Supportive care. Therapists in the area of physical therapy can identify and work to suppress any abnormal reflexes that may be hampering progress. Occupational therapists may also become involved if other areas are involved. There work may be brief or long term. There is no medicine or procedure to accelerate motor progress. Some kids catch up and some have long term issues.

4yo has severe laryngomalacia, sleep apnea, aspirates, history of hypotonia & gross motor delay, MTHFR, midline defects, SPD, possible autism. Causes?

Genetic? In addition to the known MTHFR defect, this may be associated with genetic syndrome. Consultation with a geneticist is recommended. Depending on how well he does in the next few months-years, whole exome genetic sequencing (now more readily available due to technological advances) may be considered if it is felt that knowing cause will guide management.
Mgt, workup. The severe laryngomalacia can cause and contribute to sleep apnea and aspiration. I would suggest an evaluation by ENT and a sleep study to evaluate the need for CPAP. Speech and development can help with coordination/swallowing mechanisms. A virtual appointment: healthtap. Com/DosanjhMD Code: NCYHPZ.