My knee bone little it fracture. Tell me how much time for recovery?

6-8 weeks. depends on what part of knee is broken. most bones if well approximated will unite and heal in 6-8 weeks.
6-8 weeks. depends on size of fracture and approximation of the edges as well as how closely you follow your doctors instructions. Your doctor can give you the most accurate answer.

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How much time it will take to recover frm feumeur bone fracture? Nail is inserted on 3rd jan. Knee is getting swelled all the time

Fracture healing. Almost all fractures take at least 8 weeks to heal but can take longer depending on your physical condition and any other medical problems you may have. Following your surgeons advice as to when to walk on it and maintaining a proper diet with calcium and vitamin d intake are critical to good healing. Read more...
Femur Fracture. Sometimes patients also have a knee injury with the femur fracture that was difficult to diagnose initially with the fracture... Have you knee examined... It might be just soft tissue injury and may take 3 months to heal... Same as the thigh bone fracture. Good luck! Read more...