Every time I swallow, even saliva, the back of my mouth hurts. (It feels like the back of my tongue) what will help?

GI doctor can help. Difficulty swallowing ("dysphagia") can be distinguished as a "transfer" problem (difficulty moving food from mouth to top of esophagus), "transit" problem (difficulty moving food down the esophagus), "spasm", gerd and/pr LPR (due to sphincter problems), or obstructive (webs, rings, strictures, ulcer, tumor). Best to see a gastroenterologist (gi doctor) for evaluation and treatment.
Try gargling with. salt water( put few teaspoons of salt in warm water) four times a day. If not better see your doctor.
Sore throat. See your GP or a Gastroenterologist. Don't know what to do until cease has been determined.
Swallow. If you can gargle with 1/2 water and 1/2 peroxide, that could provide some relief (even better with cold water). Mixture of maalox and benadryl (diphenhydramine) may help coat your throat and let's not forget about ibuprofen. These measures should tide you over for the night so you can see your provider in the morning. However, if you're having trouble breathing or feel like your throat is constricting, 911!
Need to know a lot. more information such as duration, intensity, other symptoms, smoking history, and finally take a look at your throat. No quick answer here...sorry.