What are the tests for percocet overdose?

LFT and Vital Signs. Liver function tests such alt, ast (previously known as SGOT and sgpt)and ggt(very sensative) are most often used. Over tests are usually part of a comprehensive metaboic profile that measures electrolytes, other products of liver function, etc.Chronic toxicity even more serious when combined with alcohol.Also the oxycodone component can cause stopped breathing and unconciousness.

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What is the definition or description of: Percocet overdose?

Problems breathing. Opiates in the overdose setting can cause severe sedation, difficulty with movements and, in the worst case, shut down of the respiratory drive centers in the brain; the latter can cause respiratory distress and death. Read more...

What is the treatment for percocet overdose?

Several! If the oxycodone in Percocet doesn't kill you, then a large dose of acetominophen can seriously hurt the liver. Emergency treatment consists of maintaining respiratory ventilation, and giving a narcotic antagonist, Naltrexone or naloxone. Read more...