I had a miscarriage about 2 months ago and am still having lower left side cramping, breast tenderness headache back pain and fatigue, all tests neg?

Multiple. Concern for both abnormal hormonal labs, especially prolactin as well as possible residual pelvic mass. Stated tests neg, need to be reevaluated by her OB/GYN with possible consultation with neurologist after seeing your primary care doctor.

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Taken 3 recent HPTs & all are NEG. Just had a period 2wks ago & I have been noticing breast tenderness/firmness/heavier. Back pain/abdomin cramps/bloat?

Hormonal disturbance. From what you described, your symptoms are not due to your being pregnant. There may be other causes of hormonal imbalance that are causing the symptoms. If these symptoms persist after the next period, it would be prudent to see your doctor. Read more...

2 days a milky brown and light blood diacharge hpt neg breast tenderness headaches tiredness no periox for 2 months cramps backache I don't know....?

See your doctor. This is difficult to assess without being evaluated in person. I highly recommend you see your gynecologist or primary care physician for a full evaluation. Read more...