Does low bone density causes joint pain all joints Rh ANA factor thyroid are normal?

Not bone density. Low bone density does not cause any symptoms unless you have a fracture due to osteoporosis, then there is pain. Pain in joints can be from osteoarthritis or other forms of arthritis. See your doctor or a rheumatologist for diagnosis and treatment of joint pain.
No. Osteoporosis does not cause joint pain . You may have osteoarthritis or another cause. Follow up with your doctor.

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Having joint pain back pain and pain while standing ANA profile; thyroid all blood tests are normal I was vit d deficient now normal at cud be this?

Further Evaluation. Which joints ? ( All, several , one ) Where is pain when standing (Whole body, lower back , hip, leg ) Vitamin D is essential for normal bone formation . At present there is a lot of research interest in vitamin D possibly affecting other body systems.(heart, blood vessels,immune system ) Read more...

If Ana is negative do I need Ana profile hve joint pain on weight bearing rheumatologist hve noanswer tsh nuclear bone scan normal no swelling in join?

Use of test. The ANA has very limited use as a screening test. Nuclear scans are helpful in distinguishing inflammatory conditions (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, myositis, etc.) versus non-inflammatory conditions. Pain with weight bearing and the lack of swelling suggest a mechanical cause. X-rays, MRI, and other tests may be more helpful than blood tests. Read more...