Could post partum depression cause a false at home pregnancy test?

Not likely. But you deserve to be treated for your post partum depression. You can have the positive test confirmed by your doctor and if you are pregnant is is especially important to get care for your depression.

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I've taken 6 home pregnancy test, all coming out positive. Is there any way cyst could cause those to be a false positive?

Virtual consults. There are certain types of ovarian tumors that can cause a rise in BHCG and cause a false positive pregnancy test. the tumor type is choriocarcinoma. I do have some questions for you. please set up a virtual consult so that we can talk. Read more...

Will having a kidney transplant cause a false negative on a home pregnancy test?

Not really. A functioning kidney transplant will not cause a false negative pregnancy test. However, women in renal failure may have elevated HCG levels, and dialysis does not fully clear them from the blood. In addition, renal failure elevationsof fsh and lh can also cross react with hcg. Read more...