Burning head like acid being poured on it vertigo scalp tenderness MRI CT blood work emg EEG tilt table carotid/ transcranial doppler all normal??????

Occipital neuralgia. We call this occipital neuralgia. Sometimes due to a condition known as arnold chiari malformation, sometimes due to disc in upper neck sometimes due to arthritis in the neck and sometimes just can't find cause, just have to treat it. Tegretol works fairly good for this.

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Eeg MRI CT eye exam blood work and carotid all normal. Seeing colored spots constantly and what looks like heat waves that worsen during mensus?

Migraine equivalent. Migraine aura without cephalgia (head pain) is referred to as migraine equivalent. Similar in many ways to focal seizures. I would discuss this with a neurologist (bring a copy of your eeg on disk for them to review) that should give you a good leg up on things. Read more...

Eeg MRI CT eye exam blood work and carotid all normal have been seeing colored spots in constantly with what looks like heat waves worse during mensus?

Sound like migraine. Your symptoms sound like the visual aura of migraine headache and if they are particularly unbearable during or just before menses begin then, you are describing what can be looked at menstrual migraines perhaps. Your eyes are likely fine. Read more...