Male, 29.Active/healthy weight. Non-Smoker. No Fam hist. Recent norm stress test, holter & echo. Heart is ok? I got worried bc I read about young adult MIs.

Heart is ok. From what you've described, it sounds like everything is going well. If you develop cardiac symptoms than seek medical care immediately.
Sounds good. From all you listed, it sounds like your heart is in good shape. Keep up your healthy habits to keep it that way.
Chill. With a good cardiac work up, negative family history, and healthy lifestyle, the odds are heavily in your favor to remain healthy. If you are overly concerned and it interferes with routine activities or sleep, you may benefit from a visit with psychology to learn why you are anxious about health issues, and learn techniques to help you relax, and chill.

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All day today im getting runs of what feels like my heart skipping and fluttering. I've had a holter and stress test and echo norm except impired lv relax. Worried. Anything else mimic heart flutterng?

Heart fluttering. Sometimes, people are more aware of their heart beat than normally, despite the heart is beating normal. Holter monitoring only records heart beats for a certain fairly short period of time when the person who is monitored may not have the abnormal sensations. Event monitor is more sensitive as it is worn for a month and you can make recordings when you are actually having flutters. Read more...
Heart Fluttering. Sinus tachycardia, frequent premature beats, atrial fibrillatyion, atrial flutter, supraventricular or ventricular arrythmias could cause palpitations/fluttering sensation. If holter is negative then you need to get event monitor for 30 days. If it is negative then you have to go for loop recorder. These could record the exact event. Also your thyroid function should be checked. Read more...

Am young. Have heart flutters. Waiting for echo, Holter, stress test results. Am afraid tests turn very abnormal. Do young have normal flutters?

Yes. Fluttering sensations in the chest are caused by skipped heart beats or rapid heartbeats. Young people with no heart disease can often experience palpitations. Sometimes they are brought on by anxiety, fatigue, caffeine and cough and cold medicines. Beta blockers are sometimes prescribed if the palpitations are annoying or very frequent. Go to http:// . Read more...