What usually results from bulimia nervosa?

Bulimia is dangerous. Bulimia may cause electrolyte imbalances that may lead to heart failure, as well as esophageal and gastric ruptures, all of which may be fatal. Other medical complications for bulimia include bone loss, osteoporosis, dehydration, kidney disease, anemia and low white cell counts, which lowers the immune system and creates vulnerability to disease and infection. Also, gum disease, tooth decay.
Many. Death is the biggest consequence, usually from heart problems such as irregular heart beats & heart failure. Others include electrolyte imbalances, stomach ulcers, acid reflux, esophagus & teeth erosion, discolored teeth, mouth sores, altered metabolism, hair loss, weakness, dizziness, loss of menstrual cycle, list goes on. Please seek help, bulimia is a very serious disease & needs to be treated.
Many. If you are referring to binge eating and inducing vomiting, it can lead to nutritional deficiency, electrolyte imablance, especially potassium deficieny which can be lethal, tears in the esophagus and stomach with bleeding, erosion of tooth enamel due to gastric acid. Most people with bulimia have underlying psychological issues.