What are the tests for bunion?

X-ray. Clinical exam and an x-ray willbe able to determine if you have a bunion.
Your eyes. The basic diagnosis of a bunion can be made visually. If you have a bump on the inner side of the bone behind the big toe, you have a bunion. X-rays are also important to evaluate bone structure and plan surgical correction.
Bone prominence. Bunions are a bone prominence on the inside of the foot at the base of the big toe. This is a misalignment of the big toe joint.This can rub in shoes causing discomfort. Physical examination of the joint and x-rays are used to evaluate the deformity.Wearing shoes that don't irritate the prominence is helpful, but surgical straightening usually necessary, at some point, to correct the problem. Dr l.
Inspection. Bunion can be diagnosed by visual inspection and x-rays.