What's the maximum amount of time should a 7 week old baby be up between feedings?

Varies. A couple hours is not uncommon. There is no defined time. Babies sleep a lot at that age. The gap between feeds can again vary between 2-5 hours, with or without sleep. It is likely for babies to sleep between feeds, and wake up to eat.
4 hours. A breast fed baby feeds every 1 - 2 hours. A bottle fed baby takes about 4oz every 4 hours. If the baby is taking 1 -2 oz then he or she should be fed every 1- 2hours.
Varies. At 7 weeks your baby is still getting adjusted to life outside the womb. Some days it will seem like they are sleeping too much and other days it may feel like they never took a single nap. Your baby is going through some pretty amazing growth spurts and their sleep patterns may get pretty chaotic. Discuss your concerns in detail with your pediatrician at your baby's 2 month well child check.