If There is a little blood found in my urine test, could it be either due to taking aspirin before the test or due to strenuous exercise?

Hematuria. Blood in the urine is abnormal whether it's microscopic or grossly visible and aspirin or strenuous exercise should not cause it. If only a couple of red blood cells are seen in a microscopic field, it may not indicate serious disease. However if it persists, a cytologic exam of the urine, urine culture, prostate exam and imaging of the kidneys and urinary bladder are indicated.
Blood in Urine. Either the aspirin you took or your strenuous exercise could have been responsible for the blood found in your urine, but so could have many other factors . The important thing to remember is that blood in the urine is not normal and is a warning sign that something may be wrong and be in need of further investigation and / or treatment. I highly recommend that you see your doctor.