What are the tests for intraocular melanoma?

Eye exam. An eye examination by an ophthamologist is usually how the diagnosis is made. More detailed examination by a specialist in retinas or ocular oncology may follow. A biopsy can be done by the specialist.
Exam. Testing for intraocular melanoma starts with a complete eye exam by an ophthalmologist. Ancillary eye testing includes an ultrasound of the eye, photos, and an angiogram. Blood tests and other radiologic tests (chest x-ray or ct of the chest) are often also ordered to look for evidence of metastasis or spread of the melanoma outside the eye.

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What is the treatment for intraocular melanoma?

Depends. Small or medium tumors can be treated locally with laser, cryotherapy, or local radiation therapy called plaque brachytherapy. Small tumors in the front of the eye may be amenable to surgical excision. Treatment of large tumors causes too much damage to the eye and removing the eye is often recommended. All individuals with a diagnosis of intraocular melanoma should be evaluated for metastasis. Read more...
Radiation or surgery. If the tumor has not spread, most people are treated with surgery or localized radiation. The decision on which treatment is generally made by a specialist in the area. Read more...