What are the tests for pharynx cancer?

Biopsy/histoath. The patient will typically undergo a needle biopsy of this lesion, and when histopathologic information is available, a multidisciplinary discussion of the optimal treatment strategy will be undertaken.
Several. 1. Full head and neck exam. 2. If there is a suspicious mass, then a biopsy either in the office or in the operating room. 3. Imaging (ct scans, mri, and/or pet scan). An ENT doctor or a head and neck cancer surgeon can help you.

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Concerned about oral/pharynx cancer. Had a recent dental check up, and an upper endoscopy. All clear. Would these tests catch this type of cancer?

Too rare for worry. There's been a lot of publicity about pharyngeal cancer in recent years, many cases attributed to HPV type 16. However, it remains a rare cancer. Even in people with HPV including oral infection or frequent oral sex, it is FAR less common than breast, colon, lung, prostate, etc. Also, peak age is way in your future, typically age 50+. Your routine annual dental visits are sufficient protection.
Yes. Sounds like your in good shape. Have any future symptoms that don't go away on their own in two weeks checked out.

What are the symptoms of pharynx cancer?

Ulcer, pain, +. Difficulty in swallowing. Pharyngeal cancer is likely to cause difficulty in swallowing, bleeding, ulcer formation and feeling of mass in the throat. Cancers of the nasopharynx may manifest as mets in the lymph nodes in the neck.
It varies. Any thing from hoarseness of voice to cough, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, recurrent sore throat or pharyngitis that doesn't respond to antibiotics, neck pain or weight loss.

Believe in power of prayer. Will it work for pharynx cancer?

No, I am afraid not. While I am quite religious myself, I dont think the power of prayer alone will work or enough to treat any cancer. To treat head and neck cancer - 3 modalities are commonly used - chemo, radiation and surgery-either as a single or combined modality, treatment will depend on the location and the stage of disease. The power of prayer hopefully will help guide you through the treatment process above.
Read my answer. I tell my patients there were people before you who also prayed. God answered by providing the tools we have such as dr ho stated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. As god created everything that includes modern medicine. By prayer and positive attitude the treatment god has provided you can work and your prayers answered. Remember that sometimes god had a different plan for you.
Prayer and. Cancer. The pharynx goes from your nose to the area behind the voice box (the larynx!). Nose and throat cancers are serious. Prayer may help you cope, may give you grace to deal with your problem, and perhaps choose a good team to carry out treatment. Do not rely on prayer to fix your physical problem. I'll pray for you to see the light in this one. Seek and ye shall find.
Prayer. In this day and age, in addition to prayer you have many different health resources available. I believe that our bodies are a gift & that we are responsible to take care of them - which includes seeking medical care when ill. See below >>>>>.
Wise up. I'm a man of faith myself. But during my 40 years in medicine, I have investigated about a dozen claims of people who claimed to have been cured of cancer by "prayer". Everyone of these people was either clearly mistaken or was lying. Please forgive me. If you neglect mainstream treatment for your cancer, you will a horrible death. Prayer will provide you with strength and spiritual comfort.

What is the treatment for pharynx cancer?

Surgery, XRad, Chemo. The three consistent modalities of treatment for these tumors are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. These can be given alone or in combination. Surgery and chemotherapy, like Cisplatin or 5-fluorouracil or surgery and radiation are given for locally advanced disease, while local disease gets surgery and radiation. Advanced/metastatic disease is treated by palliative chemo. Like paclitaxel.