I am a 58 yo female w/a tortuous calcified aorta showing on my back X-ray should I be concerned??

Talk with your doc. Those findings most likely indicate some atherosclerosis in the aorta and you should follow up with your doctor for possible imaging such as a CT Angio of the aorta.
Discuss with. your doctor who has the actual report and see if any further testing or referral is needed.
Calcified aorta. the aorta is the bodies largest artery. The inner lining of any artery can develop fatty plaques that harden. This process is called Atherosclerosis . When the lining of the artery is affected by atherosclerosis calcium can deposit in the area of the atherosclerosis. These could be in other arteries of the brain,heart which gives risks of heart disease and potential of strokes-check with doctor.
Aorta. You should be under the care of a cardiologist a,nd a vasculakr surgeon.
Calcification. No to worry, but have to be cautious. Make sure your cholesterol and sugar under control. Take a aspirin 81 mg if you have risk factors like diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension.