Swollen lymphnodes painless above collarbone on left side of neck tender lymphnodes under jawbone in front of ear, fever 99-101.5, throat pain, fatigue?

Lymphadenopathy. Lymphadenopathy or enlarged lymph nodes in adults should be evaluated, particularly if nodes are felt above the collar bone. Please see your doctor for evaluation as soon as possible.

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Swollen lymphnodes all down front left side of neck/ear and sore throat at night for several weeks. Fatigue and some achiness follows. What is it?

Lymph nodes . generally means inflammation or some chronic infection like virus or atypical bacterial infection, but more serious conditions such as lymphoma need to be ruled out if persist for more than 8 weeks. You should see a doctor, perhaps infectious disease specialist for routine blood tests. May also need a lymph node biopsy. Don't delay evaluation . Read more...