My baby girl is 1year old some days ago she refuse bottle feed and always trying breast feed but breast feed not enough for her please help me?

If your daughter. won't drink from the bottle and your breast milk supply has decreased compared to her need,you can try giving her a cup of whole milk or formula (either a sippy cup or a regular cup).She is old enough to introduce this. She probably won't drink as much from the cup at the beginning, but once she gets used to it,she will probably do well. If she still won't drink enough, please speak to her doctor.
Cup. Transition her to a cup. She may not accept other nipples but you can try a variety. Generally at this age using a sippy cup works best. Hope this works.
Smart girl ! Nurse . as long as you both enjoy it, but limit dairy products to 16-21 oz./day, 2 cups of whole milk with meals. Using an open-mouth cup promotes lip closure for speech. Toddlers who carry around a Sippy cup or bottle & sip sugar-containing liquids off & on are at risk for tooth decay & decreased appetite. See .