Left leg feels numb, numbness and pressure in head, left side. Burning sensation and tightness in neck. CT scan is ok, blood work ok. Feet feel cold?

Need more info. I am not sure what you are asking us. Also what did you have a CT of, head, neck, low back? There are many causes for your symptoms but we need more information and a clear question to help you out. Please resubmit with more information.

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My L cheek feels numb, L thigh feels numb, cold feeling in feet. Burning in neck area. Pressure in head. Ct scan (head) ok, blood work ok. What is it?

See neurologist. It is good that there is nothing on CT or your initial lab work, but further workup may be needed. See a neurologist as soon as possible! Avoid alcohol, rec. drugs. Also avoid over the counter drugs and supplements for now unless okayed by doc. Good luck and let us know what you find out please! Read more...

Went2 er 2days ago w/ face mouth numbness did ct scan, blood work urine analysis. Everything good. Same Happening again. Legs started hurtin first?

Reassuring. The normal CT head scan, urinalysis and blood tests are reassuring that there isn't a major medical problem, stroke, or heart attack causing your symptoms. Most common cause of face and mouth numbness is breathing too fast (gets better if you breathe slowly into a paper bag) - but if this continues, see your doctor again. Read more...