Hello my is mariea and to Walmart Monday night I had bad acid reflux is so I bought some Pepto I noticed my stool is a dark green since yesterday?

It can be... Pepto Bismol (bismuth subsalicylate) can cause black/dark stools. I you are having persistent abdominal upset or pain visit your doctor for formal evaluation. If symptoms are gone then you should be fine.
Bismuth does that. Hi Timothy268. Hope your acid reflux is better...you might consider other over the counter treatments such as Tagamet or Zantac (ranitidine). 'Pepto' has bismuth in it, which turns stools dark. If your symptoms continue, consult your own practitioner.
It's the Pepto. Pepto bismol (bismuth subsalicylate) contains bismuth which can cause color changes in the BM. It can range from dark green to almost black. It will go away when you stop taking it. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!