What are the tests for metabolic syndrome?

Many. First, most have an apple build, ie. Carry weight on the torso, rather than buttocks and extremities. Family hx of hbp, cholesterol problems, diabetes 2, and ASHD or mi, especially if strong. I obtain fasting lipids, insulin, hgba1c, and in females, free and total testosterone. The latter, since pcos is common. A lipid profile that suggests Insulin resistance is high triglycerides and low hdl.
My approach. Blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference, hemoglobin a1c, fasting insulin, full lipid panel. See this http://bit.Ly/lqr52m or this http://1.Usa.Gov/lqr6dw.
BloodTestBP&Choester. Measure Waist Check BP Fasting Blood sugar Blood test for Cholestero and Tiglycerides.

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