Related Questions

What happens if you get giardia infection?

GI symptoms. You'll feel sick with diarrhea, bloating, gas, and/or nausea until you get treated.

Will giardia infection kill me?

Doubt it. Eventhhough giardia is difficult to prove it or demonstrate it has treatment. Pts may have malabsorption and malnutrition or dehydration as a consecuence.

Do people with giardia infection have a lot of pain?

Giardiasis. People with giardia may have frequent belching, gas when eating, and abdominal cramping in addition to diarrhea but generally do not experience "a lot of pain". Your pcp can check for giardia with a stool sample sent to a lab. Treatment is an antiprotozoal or antibiotic. If you have giardia, you may want to have your water source checked for it & treated if + use treated water for handwashing, etc.

Any remedies for giardia infections I can try at home?

More info needed. How do you know you have giardia? . Any tests. Lots of diseases cause cramping and diarrhea.

What can I do to decrease the odds of developing giardia infections?

Risk of Giardia. Giardia is prevalent worldwide, & drinking infected water is the most frequent mode of transmission (e.g. Streams, wells). Person-to-person is 2nd mode in groups with poor fecal-oral hygiene (daycare centers, custodial institutions, sexually active male homosexuals). Food transmission has been documented in commercial settings. Sheep, beavers, cattle, dogs, cats can get it & may pass it to people.

What's a giardia infection?

Intestinal infection. Giardia lamblia is a protozoan acquired usually by contaminated water that primarily causes diarrhea that can last for weeks or more. It can be treated with Metronidazole (flagyl).

How can I treat giardia infection?

Meds. Effective medications are available. 1 dose of tinidazole, 5 days of Nitazoxanide ($$$), 5 days of Metronidazole (inexpensive, GI side effects not uncommon; no alcohol allowed at all); paromomycin 4x/day for 7 days if pregnant. Stool check: giardia antigen (protein made by the parasite) before and after rx to make sure it is gone. Stool look for parasite less accurate; anal swabs inaccurate.