What are the best antidepressants for youth people?

SSRI. But about 4 percent might get worse and experience suicidal ideation, therefore, must be watched closely.
Antidepressants . There are no one best for one person or another. Most are used off-label for young children, with few being fda-approved for that age, such as prozac (fluoxetine). Consult a child psychiatrist for best advice.
Complicated question. There are not many antidepressants fda approved for children. The doctor must take each case individually. There is no one corrects swear otr list that should be given. The ages are so broad and tolerances and side egffectes at different ages and problrems I do not thimfk this question should be answered in this format.
Youth AD. All patients are closely monitored when off-label medications are used, & thoroughly documented.