Lh higher then fsh, dhea testosterone and andro norm, no cysts, low bmi, stress from divorce, missed 2 periods, pcos or? Stressed out?

Could Stress but - - There's a lot of variability in hormone levels depending on the timing and other factors that alter body physiology. Stress is one of them, follow up with the doctor is recommended. Consider stress management through counseling and other interventions that boost coping skills.
Stressed Out. What you are describing does not sound like PCOS at all. I imagine you are indeed very stressed out, though. If you think you could be pregnant, do a pregnancy test. Otherwise, get more exercise, journal, meditate, consider seeing a therapist, and look for little bits of joy in your new life.
No PCOS. No, you do not have PCOS. FSH and LH and their ration is not used reliably for diagnosis and a normal Ultrasound with no cysts rules out PCOS. Stress can do all kinds of things to our bodies and affect our hormones.
Stressed out. There are other tests that can be done but it sounds unlikely that you have PCOS. Hope this helps some. Try some stress reduction techniques like exercise, yoga, or meditation. Stress can be a killer. Best wishes.