What are the tests for tia?

Several tests. There is no test that makes the diagnosis of a TIA, but if someone comes to the hospital with a TIA, they should have these tests: head CT without contrast echocardiogram EKG blood tests (CBC and electrolytes, blood sugar, cholesterol) carotid artery ultrasound Sometimes other tests are important too. This is just a guide.
None. TIA means Transient Ischemic Attack - it passes without leaving permanent damage. Diagnosis is based on patient and witness accounts and history. Risk factors for TIA / Stroke and heart disease include smoking, cholesterol, high blood pressure, age, gender (male>female), sedentary life style, personal and family history. Some of these can be controlled and modified to reduce risk...
Tests for a stroke. Ct scans, MRI scans, and physical exams are all done for tias and strokes.
Several things. Physical exam. In cases of emergency then ct scan the head or mri. Followed by investigating the source by carotid arteries exam by duplex ultrasound, mra or cta, cardiac exam by ekg and echo.