I am taking Temazepam for RLS and Insomnia. My doc says if I can take weekends off of it he will prescribe it to me long term. Does this sound right?

His preference. It is neither right nor wrong, but his preference. This medication can be habit forming and addicting, so some doctors prefer to have their patients take a drug holiday, and then they feel more comfortable prescribing it long term.
RLS and temazepam. He is trying to prevent you from building up a tolerance to the medication. By providing a "drug holiday" may help prevent the body from getting use to the medication. Probably NOT a good idea to rely on Temazepam for sleep as well. Good luck.
Yes and no. Temazepam can be habit forming when taken daily for long term, so it is better to take days off from it. Also, there are some newer and safer options for RLS you should discuss with your doctor.