How can you become a physical and an orthopedic physician?

By studying. working hard going to college finishing with high GPA , get admitted to medical school and then get selected to very competitive orthopedic residency to become an orthopedic surgeon who will do disability physicals also . one more hurdle you have to pass orthopedic speciality board . You can if you put your heart into it .Speak to your guidance councilor Good Luck.
To be a physician. you need 4 years of medical school after you graduate college, the residency(4-5 years for orthopedic surgery)
Please rephrase? Did you mean physician? First you have to go to medical school for 4 yrs just to be a physician (doctor). Then in order to be an orthopedic physician you have to go to special training for 5 yrs (called residency).
College/med school. Like any other specialist, you usually need to have a college degree followed by 4 years of medical school then another 3-5 years of residency training. I think orthopedists will be in high demand for years to come as people get older along with increasing an increasing number of youngsters participating in competitive sports .