I had my tubes cut and burned but I'm experiencing nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains, breast tenderness, bloating, muscle aches can I be pregnant?

Easy to rule out. You would certainly not be the first woman to get pregnant after getting the tubes tied! Recanalizatiln of Fallopian tubes occurs in rare cases. Urine pregnancy test can rule out pregnancy. If needed, continue to take extra precaution.

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Tubal ligation done 6 yrs :nausea vomiting tender breasts also leaking. Took a test control was dark and negative was faded can I be pregnant?

Always possible. if you have had a tubal ligation and there are any concerns about pregnancy, you need to see a virgin care doctor ASAP. your risk of pregnancy after a tubal ligation is not zero and if you become pregnant you could have an ectopic pregnancy which can be a surgical emergency. Get a serum or blood pregnancy test because it will be more accurate. good luck and be careful! Read more...