I am 25, obese and will start working out, dieting soon. Will symptoms of Meralgia paraesthetica subside once I lose weight? What can I do?

Very possibly ... As I suspect you know, meralgia parenthetic is caused by compression of the nerve that supplies sensation to the skin of your thigh. Tight clothing, weight gain/obesity and pregnancy are common causes. You can expect it to get better with weight loss, & for most people the pain goes away within a few months. Wear looser clothing. You can take OTC acetaminophen or ibuprofen if needed. Good wishes:)
Myeralgia paraesthe- -tica is caused by pressure on the ant, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. tight waists or belts over the inguinal are causes it as long as there was no surgical injury 2 the nerve. I have never seen or told anyone it is from being over weight. I would say U R on the right track in loosing weight, but it seems 2 me an unreasonable expectation for this 2 subside with wt loss.
We believe weight is. ....an important risk factor in patients with meralgia paresthetica. Having said that I have several patients who are not obese at all and who still have the problem. So, excess weight doesn't really fit as the explanation in all cases. However, let's say you drop the weight adequately and NOTHING improves.....a bit of a bummer I'll admit....BUT...you'll have gotten yourself into swimsuit shape.