9 month old has two bottom teeth, now "canine" teeth are coming in before front teeth?

Natal teeth. In about 3000 babies "natal" teeth appear first on the lower gums. This are teeth that babies are sometimes either born with or emerge days after birth. This common form of lower/bottom teeth are different from neonatal teeth that can emerge within 30 days for birth. Natal teeth are often electively removed particularly if they interfere with feeding.
No rules: Usually between 6-8 months lower central and upper central incisors erupt, followed ny lower and upper incisors; howeverm there is not definite rule.
Normal Variant. This is not that uncommon. Sometimes the canines can erupt before the front teeth. Makes for some adorable "vampires". Thanks for asking Healthtap!
Baby teeth. The order of eruption can vary. And you don't need to worry about this if your baby is feeding normally. If you have concerns about the teeth have her checked by a pedodontist. Remember now that there are teeth you should start brushing them.
Not abnormal. The sequence of eruption may vary and not abnormal at this age.
It is a bit unusual. But could still be normal, for your baby. Your pediatric dentist would be the best person to follow up on this. Normally the central incisors come in first, then lateral incisors, then first baby molars, then canines, then second baby molars. So this is unusual, and deserves to be tracked, but I wouldn't call it abnormal in absence of other problems.