What are the tests for heroin addiction?

Troubles from it. Similarly to other addictions, you have it if you do it instead of doing other important things, if you think about it all the time, if you cannot stop doing it even though you realize it is detrimental., etc etc. Also, by the way, you have withdrawals from not using it. Withdrawals can be classical, or just insomnia, anxiety, etc. If you feel better after doing heroin - you are also addicted.

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A 31 year old male here with a 2 part question. First let mr say I've been on methadone 95mg a day for heroin addiction. With that said I have low -t (270) I'm male. If its due to the hypothalamic/patuitary what are some of the treatments. If its the test

No connection. As a neurologist, there is no link between pituitary -hypothalamic dysfunction and methadone. Methadone is an opioid with nmda stimulating actions, neither of which chemical pathways at doses which do not lead to profound stupor or coma, will cause hpa (hypothalamic-pituitary axis) dysfunction. Endocrinologists are best equipped to answer questions about hypogonadism such as low-t.
See below. Methadone is absolutely the cause of the low testosterone due to hypothalamic dysfunction. It leads to the persistence of pain, fatigue, depression and poor sense of well being. It can only be treated by weaning or testosterone replacement.

How long to cure heroin addiction?

Time to cure addicti. Depends on your motivation, resources, and support system. Addiction is a chronic disease. The treatment is behavior modification, which is life long, life style, change.

Where can I get help with heroin addiction?

VARIETY OF PLACES. First off great if you are finally getting help. There may be an inpatient facility where you can begin the detox process or a clinic. There may be a doctor in your area that does Suboxone treatment and you can locate this on suboxone. Com then you will want some support like narcotics anonymous or some other group. Good luck and hang in there. The treatments really do work.

How do I stay sober with my heroin addiction?

Mutual support helps. If you are concerned about maintaining, you might want to consider attending a meeting of narcotics anonymous. Find a meeting at their web site: http://www. Na.Org/ next step is to find a sponsor.
Mix Many Approaches. Consider medications to block cravings (discuss options with ur doc). Develop and strengthen functional rituals to replace dysfunctional rituals of addiction. Strengthen your social network. Consider joining a 12-step program (na) and try to establish a home meeting and sponsor as early as possible. If you relapse, don't give up - discuss with your sponsor, learn and try again, and again and again.

What does heroin addiction do to a person’s life?

Shortens It. Heroine addiction makes it more likely that an individual contract HIV & hepatitis c. It also makes one less likely to engage in regular health maintenance. It often decreases quality of life by eroding relationships & makes it more likely for people to engage in illegal activities to maintain their habit.
Consumes and destroy. That about sums it up. It will take everything from you and leave you wanting nothing but more heroine. If you are addicted or know someone who is remember it is a disease and they need your help. There are lots of resources out there.