What are the tests for post-traumatic stress disorder?

No tests but criteri. There are no "tests" for ptsd but rather criteria: a history of exposure to a traumatic event meeting two criteria and symptoms from each of three symptom clusters: intrusive recollections, avoidant/numbing symptoms, and hyper-arousal symptoms. A fifth criterion concerns duration of symptoms and a sixth assesses functioning. Please see http://www.Ptsd.Va.Gov/professional/pages/dsm-iv-tr-ptsd.Asp.
PTSD. Dr chen provided an excellent response. The hands on evaluation is most important for diagnosis.There are also written screens that are provided to patients that can be scored to determine if the patient meets criteria for ptsd. One is the ptsd check list (or pcl). It is a self-report measure for dsm-iv ptsd criteria. There is a military version, civilian version & a specific version.