25 yr old, 9 year smoking history, bloody boogers and when make myself cough or clear throat, I have isolated blood streak lung cancer? ?

Probably not.... Blood-tinged sputum is typically caused by bronchitis, which is an infection in the lung airways. You could also have post-nasal drip and the blood is from the nose or sinuses. You need to quit smoking ASAP as this is contributing to inflammation in the airways which predisposes you to acute bronchitis. See your doctor for diagnosis/treatment and to help you quit smoking!

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When I blow my nose I have bloody boogers, I clear my throat and have blood streaks 25 yrs old 9 yr smoke history, lung cancer??

No. Lung cancer is not in the nose. cannot say in your particular case, but generally, irritations in the nose are from minor problems. This nosebleed can drain downward especially at night and cause blood streaked sputum. Sinusitis can be helped with antibiotics. Read more...