What are the tests for eye trauma?

Thorough eye exam. Eye trauma can range from mild to devastating. A thorough eye exam by an ophthalmologist is the best "test" for an injured eye. If necessary, imaging studies such as ultrasound and ct scans can be peformed too.

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What sort of disorder is eye trauma?

Injury to eye. If your eye is struck, or penetrated or damaged by external force, it may suffer internal damage which can threaten the sight. Evaluation immediately is mandatory by your ophthalmologist or at least an er physician.
Harmful. Severe eye trauma can cause orbital fractures, ruptured globes, traumatic optic neuropathy or avulsion, hyphemas, angle recession glaucoma, macular holes, retinal tears or dialyses, cataracts or zonular dehiscence, traumatic iritis, corneal abrasions, iris sphincter tears, commotio or heme, etc.

Why is there excessive tearing after eye trauma?

Tearing after trauma. The eye tears when it's irritated. This can occur immediately from dirt or a scratch on the surface of the eye. It can be sensitive to light and tear the next day from a bruise of the eye as well. If something is poking the eye like an eyelash the eye can tear. Finally, if the eye is having trouble closing it can dry out and tear. Most often, tearing from trauma is transient.

What is the definition or description of: Eye trauma?

Injury to eye. Any mechanical assault to the eye whether blunt or penetrating may be chemical or from radiation that results in alteration (s) in the normal structure/function of the eye.

Recurring symptoms from eye trauma last week - please help me!?

Get evaluated. If you have had eye trauma, you need evaluated. Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

Excessive tearing after eye trauma from piece of rock or dirt in it?

EYE TRAUMA. You have to be seen by eye md. Sometimes eye trauma can cause blindness. Be careful with your eyes please.
Could be serious. A foreign body in the eye or eye trauma such as a scratch from a foreign object can produce tearing. You need to see your eye doctor right away to treat this problem and determine the extent of the injury.

Is it possible for people to regain their vision after having bad eye trauma?

In some cases. This depends on the injury and damage from it. Discuss with the ophthalmologist taking care of the eye.

What is the treatment for eye trauma?

Depends on injury. The treatment and prognosis will depend on the nature and location of the injury. Injuries can range from superficial scratches to rupture of the eyeball. Blunt trauma tends to cause inflammation, bleeding, and bruising of the eye tissues, as well as fractures of the bones around the eye. Sharp trauma tends to cause abrasions and lacerations. Any eye injury should be immediately checked by a md.

Eye trauma while wearing contacts. Is that a problem?

Yes. Regardless of contact lens wear, eye trauma is a problem that can have significant impact on the vision. Additionally if the eye sustained a penetrating injury, contact lenses could introduce certain pathogens that may be more difficult to treat.