Can you get gum recession from breathing/sleeping in a room with walls that contain squirrel feces/urine but it doesnt Smell at all?

Unlikely. Gum recession is not due to squirrel smell; brushing gently with soft toothbrush might help. See you dentist.
Irrelevant. Some of the most common causes of gum recession include: gum disease, genetics, bruxism and vigorous tooth brushing, but squirrel feces is not one of them.
No. Gum recession comes from either brushing too hard over a very long period of time, or from poor oral hygiene resulting in periodontitis. Lack of professional dental care can also contribute to the problem. Don't blame the squirrels or their excrement!
See dentist. See your dentist and or periodontist for your gum issues and get an exterminator for your home.
Doubtful but... Doubtful that gum recession can come from the environment that you are sleep in, but I sure would consider getting out of there. Other health concerns!!!
Gum recession. The cause of gum recession include gums disease, grinding , clenching,brushing with too much force, infection but is not related to environmental factors. But this environment may cause other health problems. See a dentist about the recession.

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After 12 years sleeping in a room with squirrel feces/urine in the walls where sometimes it smells, does this cause gum recession or any other disease?

Not likely. Not gum recession. Possibly allergy to mols spores. Read more...
Not recession. Gum recession is caused by either brushing too hard or in the wrong direction and it can be caused by not brushing and flossing at all. It's not healthy to smell the squirrel urine or feces. there could be the potential for an airborne bacterial irritant/infection. Try to get rid of the rodent feces. Read more...